The Game

Take the ultimate billiard challenge.


Introducing a Fresh Take on Rotational Pool.

Experience the highly-interactive cue sport of American Rotation at leading U.S. billiard clubs, brought to you by the American Billiard Club (ABC), a division of Cue Sports International (CSI). 15 balls are struck and/or pocketed in numeric order. Call shot. Call safe. Why settle for running seven less balls (8ball), six less balls (9ball), or five less balls (10ball)? Matches last 8 to 15 racks and take 90 minutes or longer to complete.

This is How It’s Played.

• Self-rack and crack all 15 balls.
• Take ball-in-hand after the break.
• Strike or pocket balls in numeric order.
• Score 1 point each for balls 1 through 10.
• Score 2 points each for balls 11 through 15.
• Tally on a simple scoresheet.
• Each rack contains 20 points.
• Alternate who breaks.
• Win by reaching 100, 125, or 150 points first.

Guaranteed to improve your game.

• Navigate heavy traffic.
• Add creativity to your toolbox.
• Tighten your control of the cue ball.
• Increase the length of your runs.
• Attempt and execute stronger safeties.
• Kick out of trouble more often.
• Respond better to adversity.
• Improve communication with opponents.
• Value and display self-respect.
• Advocate integrity and sportsmanship.
• Return billiards to its finer days.

Review the Official Rulebook for American Rotation.
Watch video clips of ABC members competing.
Learn how the American Rotation Championship Series (ARCS) works.
Learn how the American Rotation Amateur Series (ARAS) works.