Introducing a new pro am circuit.

Competitors rejoice.

The American Rotation Championship Series (or ARCS) is a three-staged cycle of player qualifications that culminates in a national championship. The cycle repeats six times annually and attracts the nation’s top amateurs as well as professional poolpayers.

The following is based on a projection of 64 clubs in participation.

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Stage I

64 of the top billiard clubs from across the United States pool together their best 10 players.     You play each player from your club once, in a round robin format. Races are to 140 points.

• One match is scheduled per week.
• Competition spans nine weeks.
• Scheduling is more flexible than other formats.
• “Play-in-advance” and make up matches are possible.

Stage II

After the first 9 week stage concludes, the top six players from your billiard club advance to a one day in house, single elimination playoff, with the chance to qualify for a national championship.

Bracket #1 4 Seed vs 5 Seed Race to 120 Points Winner plays the #1 Seed

Bracket #2 3 Seed vs 6 Seed (Or Club Wildcard) Race to 120 Winner plays #2 Seed

Finals bracket with winners of the #1 & #2 Brackets Race to 120 Points

Stage III

Each national championship event brings together the top players from all regions. These events are typically scheduled in conjunction with other major events like The US Open in VA, The Derby City Classic KY, BCAPL Nationals Las Vegas.

• All players winning their clubs qualifying spot will earn expense money for their trip, entry into our Championship and a chance to win additional money.

Our goal is to get the best players in the country competing in the most sensible and affordable format ever offered. To help other promoters get more players to their events and to help players get to more events with less expense.