Begin to compete with the ABC.

Who We Are

The American Billiard Club (ABC) is a division of Cue Sports International (CSI) of Las Vegas, NV. The group is responsible for creating, packaging, promoting, operating, supporting, and governing American Rotation. We are a fully sustainable organization. We have yet to collect membership dues.

What We’re Doing

We play American Rotation, a variation on traditional rotation (or 61). Players enter one of two competition cycles — the American Rotation Championship Series (ARCS) or the American Rotation Amateur Series (ARAS). The path depends upon your current skill level and your expectations for competing in our format. If you don’t yet understand the basics of the game or its competition cycles, then we encourage you to review the topics under the PLAY tab of this website. It also helps to shoot a few racks of American Rotation with a friend, to place things into context.

Why You Should Do This

For the player who’s curious or skeptical, we recommend a three links:
THE TOUR — read about our vision and comparison to golf’s Nike/ tour.
VIDEO — watch how some of our competitors shoot the game.
RULEBOOK — note that it’s a challenging game with uncompromising standards.

We encourage you to consider how fun and rewarding it is to join something at the ground floor. You’ll be able to point back to being there when the ABC first started. We’re well-backed and intent on reshaping a brighter future for the sport we all love. That promise is worth your support.

Take the Next Step

If you’re a player who’s interested in playing American Rotation or joining the American Billiard Club, please contact Joe Tucker at (508) 840-6133 or Joe is a professional poolplayer, instructor, creator of American Rotation, and partner in the American Billiard Club.