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Match Fees are Advanced

The American Rotation Championship Series (ARCS) is like one big national tournament. As with all events like this, entry fees are paid upfront. If you can’t pay the total $140 ($20 per match, 7 matches) by the first week then please shoot for no later than the fourth week of pay. For the latter option, we recommend the following pay scale: $40 wk1, $40 wk2, $40 wk3, $20 wk4, FREE weeks 5, 6, 7 and playoffs. Don’t force your group’s organizer to chase you for unfinished matches or unpaid fees. Reminder that the ARCS is a serious pro am tour. It’s expected that you participate with respect.

No Membership Dues (Yet)

The American Billiard Club continues to be free of annual dues. Almost all of your investment feeds the prize pool, with a small amount going to participating club owners and the ABC’s operating budget.

Coming Soon — Pay Fees by Charge Card or PayPal