Help to reshape the game.

Our Vision

As one of 64 club owners featured in the American Billiard Club, you will be instrumental to the future prosperity of the game. 50 million Americans enjoy billiards. Over 400,000 compete in amateur leagues. We’re building the billiard equivalent of the Nike/ tour in golf.

Our tour will be showcased daily at our website with live streaming and archived video of matches, free fantasy billiard contests for our new fans, and hundreds of hours worth of instruction from our player members. You have the power to nurture something very exciting in billiards. Take a positive step forward with us.

Benefits to Your Venue

Preview the kind of lift you can expect from the ABC and American Rotation:
• Obtain regional exclusivity with a new game that’s trending north.
• Gain eight upscale poolplayers, with their goodwill and social network.
• Raise the bar with business casual to formal dress code during matches.
• Receive 2 hours of service from each ABC player.
• Think pool lessons for customers, table care, venue promotion, etc.
• Witness a slow to steady change in the pool culture at your venue.
• Increase exposure of your venue through our website and the media.
• Rally to stage a regional or national ABC event.
• Learn how to stream matches to the internet from your venue.
• Attract customers who respect your commitment to top playing conditions.
• Bolster a feeder system that’s training a new breed of professional player.
• Gain visibility as the home room that spawns the next professional.
• Leave a legacy that you helped to shape the course of the game.

Our Initial Focus

The most important current goal of the group is to grow the number of participating billiard clubs to 64, each club with 8 players competing in the American Rotation Championship Series (ARCS) or the American Rotation Amateur Series (ARCS). We are 23% of the way to our target (please note our Club Map). Your commitment could involve as little as one table dedicated to American Rotation per night, 4 days each week. The ABC is a united organization, with passionate and successful billiard people working together in the best interests of the sport.

Take the Next Step

For more information on how your venue can join us, please contact Joe Tucker at (508) 840-6133 or Joe is a professional poolplayer, instructor, creator of American Rotation, and partner in the American Billiard Club.