The Tour

United: for the industry, for the players.

A Solution Was Needed in Billiards.

It was 50 years in the making. For too long, the industry needed a unifying force and banner behind which all could rally. The game’s top talent had been fighting an uphill battle. Many left the game for other pursuits. Why was that, do you ask?

Serious poolplayers look to attend the major tournaments each year. The time allotment is about 10 weeks, or 20% of the calendar. That’s a significant time to be away from family and friends. If you work for someone else, then you only get so many vacation days. Many or all of these would be committed to pool. If you work for yourself, then you contend with lost wages and lower productivity while you compete. Lastly, you can expect $15,000 in expenses. The pressure to overcome these time and income investments mounts, and it can sap some or all of the fun from competing.

We’ve lost too many quality ambassadors in billiards. Thankfully, that downturn is no more. The prospects for serious poolplayers are promising once again. Introducing the American Billiard Club, the billiards equivalent to the Nike/ tour in golf. We encourage you to read on.

This is Your American Billiard Club (ABC).

64 proactive club owners. 512 pioneering billiard players. The ABC is a self-sustaining tour that’s developing a new breed of professional poolplayer. We’re taking our lead from a successful model in golf (Nike/ Tour). Our interactive flagship game, American Rotation (AR), is the ultimate billiard challenge.


Premium Venues.

For the owner who ensures elite playing conditions, and whose passion for the game is matched only by the players who compete on his/her equipment, the ABC partners with you to showcase the best that the billiard tradition has to offer. Outstanding skill. Professional dress. Exemplary sportsmanship and etiquette. Players will respect your investment in a top-notch billiard experience and complete 2 hours of service to your room each championship series. Contributions might include pool lessons, table care, room promotion, etc.

Leading Professionals.

For the billiard professional who trains at the highest level of the game, and who generates all or a portion of his/her living from cue sports, the ABC offers a championship series format that rewards consistency six times each year, totaling as much as $48,000 in prizes. At the regional level, finish in the top two positions and earn $1,000 to cover expenses as you advance. At the national level, earn up to $8,000 for first place. Streaming video with commentary plus publicity at this website will boost your reputation online.

Aspiring Challengers.

For the up and coming billiard player, whose raw talent or steadily improving results have encouraged consideration of a pro am circuit, the ABC offers an affordable clinic with opportunities to train and discover the finer points of billiards at each turn. Test your mettle against like-skilled or better players. Watch how others execute shots, runs, safeties, jumps, and kicks. Grow as a competitor through our “trial by fire” tournament format. Gain the respect of industry partners. Enhance your professionalism.