Get involved and change the game.

Pro Am Players

The nation’s top professional and high amateur poolplayers are invited to compete in the American Rotation Championship Series (ARCS). There are two main reasons for pro am competitors to get involved — to enhance core billiard skills and to compete where the cream rises to the top. American Rotation will push your game to new levels. The following players should consider entering our format.

• Professionals
• 9ball and 10ball tournament players
• APA 6 HC or higher
• TAP 5 HC or higher
• BCAPL 40 AVG or higher
• Any player who wants to compete and improve


The nation’s 300,000+ league poolplayers who compete in APA, BCAPL, and TAP will soon be invited* to compete in the American Rotation Amateur Series (ARAS). There are a number of reasons for leaguers to get involved — the greatest three being to learn a great billiard game, to enhance core billiard skills, and to compete where sportsmanship and etiquette are valued.

Players from this pool will be shown a path to advance into the Pro Am circuit (the ARCS).

• APA 2-5 HC
• TAP 2-4 HC
• BCAPL 25-40 AVG
• Any player who wants to compete and improve

* We are currently testing the ARAS in the Oklahoma City area area. If you’re interested in learning more about ARAS, then please email Ken Jennings or visit the ARAS Facebook page.